As part of our class assignment this week we were to look at instructional design job opportunities and find one that interested us. While I am not job searching, the assignment was an interesting one, especially seeing the variety of fields and industry the ID market has. There were many medical and medical care options out there, most of which were training based. There were some in education, but most were business related. I did find one in the education field of a higher ed institution which has an “e-campus” and looked into that position, which was quite interesting. The position was interesting because it was for the design of online courses, which we have been working on and learning how to do in class.

Finding options based on what we’ve learned and what we are doing is not only encouraging, but affirming, because it means the projects and courses we’ve been building could meet a need in the industry. Instinctively I know the work we’ve done building courses through Camtasia, Canvas, and so many others is worthwhile, but to see postings on what we’ve learned is exciting.

Because of the assignments we’ve had and the upcoming capstone project for the program, I would be able to provide project examples of courses built online, varying mini-modules, and interactive courses apart from standard higher ed Learning Management System platforms. The course work and modules we build for our capstone project would be great examples for send as artifacts within the ID industry.

Preparing for the interview would likely be a fun opportunity to present what you know about the employer, as well as ways you could answer questions. Perhaps having an infographic of your resume, as well as a standard resume. Or an infographic on how you handle conflict management, or how you lay out course work, the way you approach design, along with a checks-and-balances system. The interview would be different than a standard interview, I would imagine, as it would all be based on digital work and systems, allowing a more diverse “showing” of what you would bring to the table, beyond a conversation.

All in all, a really interesting assignment that shows the great things we’ve learned in the program can be used right away, are relevant in the industry, and are concurrent with issues and trends in the ID industry today.

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