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Campus Tour-A Virtual Tour of Campus Given by International Students

Most international students do not make campus visits when considering a university to attend. This is largely in part due to proximity, but also due to mentality. International students who live abroad, in their home country, will rarely take the time to visit campus, but not all for the reasons you think.

International students who would be traveling to the US to visit campus typically do not consider this because acquiring a tourist visa for something like this can be complicated, as well as the financial aspect of traveling from their home country to visit campus, when these funds could be used for education themselves. The size of the USA is also a factor, as it is so big and so vast, it can be an overwhelming country. Especially when you consider the lack of national transportation infrastructure here and how we are not set up to easily accommodate visitors, outside major cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.). Financing a trip to the US and campus visit is definitely a factor, but the transportation and mobility are also a big factor.

Because of these challenges, a virtual tour of a campus could be critical for students looking and considering your campus. A tour given by students like them and who have arrived and seemingly “made” it would be even more welcoming. A tour of campus, the dining facilities and dining options, dorm rooms, what they look like, what they might need, and community resources would also be a huge plus. Our ability to assist students “see” themselves on our campuses, will only help them consider us as a viable option.

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