Micro Learning Lesson

The multi-faceted questions began in August, when I began working on my Masters at Samford, in Instructional Design. It is a fascinating degree which can be used in almost any setting (thus my interest for it). My initial interest though, came as I realized the strength it would provide in my current work, as most of what we do is virtual. I realized the need for more versatile media in what we do, in a format which students understand and meets them where they are already at. Instructional Design facilitates a lot these mediums and the process ensures a holistic design and learning environment.

The micro learning lesson I have chosen to do explains what Instructional Design is, who the learner is (anyone!) and the purpose/why it exists. Instructional Design can apply to any learner, in any field, and applied in many forms: training, new topics, communication, process, etc. In an effort to explain what Instructional Design is and how it can be used, I’ve made a micro learning lesson covering an overview of what it is and how it can be used. Understanding what Instructional Design is can be an important feature for those interested in expanding their knowledge in multiple fields, but also just good knowledge in general as ID can be used in so many ways, in varying capacities.

Enjoy learning a bit more about Instructional Design and how it applies to you!


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