Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many applications which would benefit the human race and make some pieces of our lives a reality, which otherwise we might not take the time for. A small urban garden is a great example of this possibility which could be a reality. Gardening is a hobby which is a big investment in time and resources. What if your time could be simply with the actual joy of watching your urban garden grow and develop? An AI option with Farmbot would make that hobby a reality, allowing you have an urban garden with the basics of gardening taken care of and accomplished through an AI tool, Farmbot.

An application connected to Farmbot allows the “gardener” to ensure the appropriate amounts of water are given, plant food (if applicable), and even identifying weeds in the garden and killing them. Farmbot is weatherproof, allowing you to grow your favorite herbs, veggies, or flowers as you need them, year-round, as the season allows. AI such as Farmbot is important as it brings back a simple, organic part of life that many times is not possible for families, due to schedules and other things which take up our time (like a commute to/from work). We often want the benefits of something as simple as a garden, but do not have margin in our lives for the complete maintenance of such a hobby.

The below infographic shows the progression and benefits of using an AI such as Farmbot for a hobby like an urban garden.

AI for your garden

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