The Captivate Software program has many benefits, such as it’s versatility with multiple platforms (Microsoft, Mac, etc.) and the user cost is on the lower end of the financial spectrum, which is a bonus for ID’s. This type of versatility does come at a price, the price being a massive software system, which is a challenge to simply “update” interfaces on, for user navigation. As always, a new system takes a bit of time to become accustomed to, so budgeting plenty of time for your project will only benefit you.

What would I do differently? As a visual learner, I would start watching videos on how to accomplish and integrate certain tools, instead of only sticking to written instruction. While the written form is good, it is helpful to see video images and then go back and view again. There are many online tools that I found quite helpful.

What would I advise others? Balance is good a thing. A balance of graphics and text work better for the learner than a combination of 3-4 things. While the slides may look more impressive, when there is too much going on, it becomes harder for the learner to focus and retain what they are learning. The time invested in heavy slides like this also negates your efficiency.

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