In learning about SAMR, the challenge was given to substitute, augment, modify, or redefine an existing project. What is SAMR? I had to learn myself what it meant! 
The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model or SAMR is a continuum of four levels of technology integration as developed by Ruben R. Puentedura, Ph.D. and used to design instruction. The levels are:
    1. Substitution: Technology is used as a direct substitute for what you are doing with no functional change.
    2. Augmentation:  Technology is a direct substitute, but there is a functional improvement over what you did without technology.
    3. Modification:  Technology allows you to significantly redesign the task.
    4. Redefinition: Technology allows you to do what was previously not possible.

SAMR Model

Understanding how to augment or modify an existing module or training can be a large part of the instructional design industry. Many times the task isn’t just new content, but taking existing content and updating it, making it relevant, and ensuring the integrity of the content stays while creating a module that is balanced (ADDIE) and useful for learners. In attempting a SAMR project, I thought it would be a bit easier, but as it turns out, redesigning content takes a lot of thought and engineering to successfully communicate and make effective (or more modern) something that has already been done.

My revised version: 

Quiz for revised version: (results:

Original version: .


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