I used Powtoons for this ADDIE presentation. I love Powtoons and am so intrigued by all the options it provides. I need to learn to better pace myself and my time though. The editing part of the content (timing, mostly) takes so much time, whew. I tried something new with this presentation, adding a video inside the presentation. It wasn’t a seemless addition, as powtoons caps the videos to 90 seconds (and the video was a bit longer), but I still kept it because I had learned how to do it.

ADDIE Analysis

Using the ADDIE model a successful design allows for a analyzed, designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated module, which benefits students and assists in their understanding and comprehension of the essay portion of the college application process. Without this structure, it is easy to lose sight of a balance instructional design approach and module. I am still learning all the ways to incorporate this method, but have found it helpful.

  • An analysis will be taken with three survey questions at the beginning of the course, establishing what the student believes the essay is for, the purpose it serves, and gauging the student’s understanding of the weight the essay carries in the college application process. This will assist in defining what is to be learned.

D- The design will come using a storyboard and Captivate to build a module covering how best to understand the college essay, why it matters, and best practices for students to write their own essay, defining what is learned.

D- Developing/creating instructional materials, such as a flow chart and course evaluation will be developed for the learning module.

I – Implementation will happen through teaching the developed instructional materials.

E- Evaluation will happen by analyzing student evaluation results and teacher evaluation results. Revised project plan and instructional materials will serve as a result of the evaluation.


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