My understanding (initially) of gamification was that this word literally meant “video games” only. Gamification is much broader than simply video games, but encompasses physical games, video, digital games, incentives, competitions, marketing incentives, and more. With such a vast way to use gamification, there is virtually no area or industry which cannot benefit from it’s use (both internally with employees and externally, with customers).

There are many ways in our day-to-day lives where gamification already exists: fit-bit type devices, step tracking on our phones, incentives within our online banking systems, some workplaces use health incentives for the amount of steps or workout during a week/month long period, even insurance companies give incentives for good health, or good driving records, etc. My initial perception of gamification only applying to video games was really limited and understanding the breadth and depth of gamification has been really interesting. I recruited in South Africa in June 2017 and learned a lot about their healthcare system and how there are incentives for buying healthy items in the grocery store. Through an app, when healthy items are purchased points (and eventually credit) is given for healthy choices. There are also the old style “incentives” of buy X amount groceries and get X amount of this or that, but the sophistication of the health/grocery was impressive.

We use gamification strategies on a daily basis even at Samford: points in the caf when using the caf app, Starbucks points when purchasing coffee, Bulldog Bucks for the bookstore and food court, and so on. I agree with the required videos from the assignment, that as time continues the increase of gamification (both in digital forms and in day-to-day life) will only increase. As ID’s we have the benefit of assisting companies and individuals on how to maximize a gamification opportunity for a business or organization. Great stuff!

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