Open source software (where code is written in an open, visible, and editable format) is the modern age version of a “barn-raising.” How so? Just like a traditional Amish barn-raising, where multiple people, families, and generations gather to work in unison for one goal (building a barn), ¬†generations of programmers can participate, share ideas, assist in building (or correcting) code, and work better together. In one resource, four reasons for programmers preferring an open source method listed: control (as a programmer you have control over code), training (allowing others to see your code assists them in learning and building their own, as well as not having to “reinvent” the wheel), security (as anyone can come behind and check, allowing this transparency to actually make everything more secure), and stability (which allows for longevity). Source:¬† Creative Commons allows creators more visibility for their work, all while maintaining credit for their talent.

One aspect of open source programming I had not considered, but found interesting was that programmers typically do not charge for the programming or source, but for the software services provided and support to set up users for success. This model of community sharing yet profit generating all through online programming is not only brilliant but sustainable. Depending on the industry you were in, this kind of model could generate significant income all while having other programmers use and “check” your code at the same time. A perfect blend of sharing and profitability combined. In reading about open source software, it looked like Ilias and OLAT may be great options for Learning Management Systems (LMS) should we continue our work with a company for training or look to create classes online which can be free or paid. The options listed carried strenghts for any of us looking to train or sell educational/training content. It would be interesting for Pappas to update the article and see if there were additional top-quality LMS or if the same options were still industry leaders. Source:¬†

Creative Common licensing is a brilliant solution for creators to provide their content free for sharing. usability and beyond, all while receiving credit. Many times when content is copyrighted, all the user will need to do is contact the creator requesting permission to use the content and pay the licensing fee. To be safe and respectful, always ask the creator regarding proper use.

We have used open source software with projects like Camtasia, Powtoons, modeling the open source profitability for the services and support, but maintaining open source direction. I support the open source ability as I am a big fan of training and others checking behind you and even improving on what you have.