Green Screen video production was one of our last assignments this Fall semester. We used Camtasia for this project to produce the video, along with several other added mediums. The more we use Camtasia, the more impressed I am with the programs, editing features, and options. It has a hefty up-front cost ($300) but worth the investment for such quality, user-friendly software, if used frequently.

The green screen process was a bit more layered than I expected, but the process was not has night-marish as I expected. The process contains many steps: create a green screen (backdrop) for your video and include adequate lighting. Record your video (preferably with no sound) and if there are people in the video, it is best for them to wear solid colored clothing (prints look so funny!). Once the video is created, drop this and a background (example: use shutterstock) in Camtasia. Add a recorded narration for your video and then “take out” the green screen color in your video. Ta-da! Mostly done 🙂

The process included more steps than I had pictured, but as previously mentioned, it was not as laborious as I had imagined and was actually fun! While we did a shorter video, I can see how a longer video would take a lot of time, especially matching a recorded narration with the video. The process was intriguing and fun. I can see why so many people use it. The lighting for a longer video would be an issue though, as you would almost need professional-grade lighting on your green screen. Great project though!

Check out my Green Screen assignment here: