Our little IDTE Cohort is working on a lot of projects right now and it feels like there a many irons in the fire. Most of the projects are time consuming, which in and of themselves is not a bad thing, it just makes the classes hard to budget time for. We are working on an empirical literature review for one of the classes and it has been a lot more than I thought it would be. So many of the terms are unfamiliar to me and not being an education major when I was in college has made it feel like I am starting all over again and having a hard time keeping up.

The classes overall have been good and I have learned a lot about mediums of technology to use in how to videos and training videos, and even some basics in instructional design, which I did not expect in the first semester. We are nearing down to the wire though and many (big) things are due. I am slowly chipping away at them, but we also have major deadlines for our students, so am trying to balance empirical data, IDTE blogging, camtasia, my students, and life all at once. Welcome to grad school, right?

In an effort to be a bit reflective: there have been some really applicable pieces to the semester that I look forward being able to use and implement in my every day professional life. Much of what I do professionally is done in a remote setting or medium, as so many of my students live overseas. Learning more about digital mediums, instructional designs, and ideas to make it more effective has not only been encouraging, but inspiring to think of how far we could go and make an impact in the lives of the students we work with.