Livestream video was the most recent assignment we have learned about. When I think of livestream I think Instagram stories, Facebook live, and Persiscope (which seems outdated-does anyone even use it anymore?). I see a lot of livestream used in this way for events, happenings, or even just for fun. I honestly had not thought of livestream as a training or curriculum method until researching a bit more about livestream in this context.

I have seen livestream work well for conferences, where you can hop online and watch the livestream of a conference for that time or day. This works well, especially if need the remote aspect of the event. The quality of the video in this setting typically isn’t the best, but you can usually hear well and get the gist of what you are missing, without being there. I had not considered livestream for a training or how to, but in learning more about it, it makes total sense.

We have been encouraged to do a livestream on a basic how to, something we are comfortable with and something we feel we can ad-lib for with little issue. I confess I am an extrovert and do not have a lot of issues with talking or talking in front of people, but the thought of just talking into a camera and then showing how to do something all at the same time, can be a bit intimidating. It really makes you appreciate all the “how to” videos you see on youtube and beyond, as there is more work required for those videos than meets the eye. I look forward to this project, but am a little nervous!

My livestream video: