Livestream in real life-does it work? We recently had an event for Samford in India, assisting students and families with the concept of financial aid and ideas for funding your university experience. As sometimes things happen, what looked good in my head was not what realistically happened. The event was to be for a handful of families, less than a dozen. By the time the end of the week rolled around we had over 60 registered to attend (wow!!) and almost that many attend. What I had planned (or thought would work) was to livestream the event and also record it, so we could use it for future events or even online. The setting would be more intimate with such a small number of people and it would work well.

I quickly realized that a larger room would be needed and that the equipment needed to pull something like this off well would be out of my reach in a foreign country, on short notice. It was a great learning experience though, that what looks good on paper and in a small room, cannot always be set up quickly (or at all) for more people. It really made me appreciate the work, technology, and equipment that comes with livestreaming a larger, more ‘conference’ type event. These things do not just happen, but take a coordinated, collaborative effort with many people and a LOT of technology making everything work for you.

While I am disappointed that the livestream idea didn’t work, it was great to have so many families to interact with and ask amazing questions. I am continually humbled and so grateful for the quality of students and the caliber of families I get to meet. Truly wonderful! I’ll think on another option for my livestream and keep you posted!

My livestream video:

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