We are learning about Camtasia for our big assignment and I confess it is a little overwhelming. I can watch tutorials on the platform and see how to do things, but it looks really robust and techy, so not sure I will be able to pull it all together like the other projects we have had. Our professor has stated it will take a lot of time and to really budget our time well, which also feels overwhelming.

The basics of the program look like they are somewhat user-friendly, but there are a LOT of components to the program and it feels a little bit like we are looking into the dash of a Cadillac when we’ve been working in a Rav-4. The concept of it seems amazing and the usability for instructional design seems like it would work really well. It feels like the “Photoshop” for instructional design, but having not used it yet, it is hard to tell. It also is pricey, which reminds me of Photoshop…the best things in life aren’t free.

I look forward to learning more about Camtasia and how we can use it for our screencasting project. We have a few more weeks to learn and get the hang of it, which I will need for sure. Buckle up for another tech adventure!

My Camtasia project (watermarked, as I used the free trial):