Storyboards were a new concept to me. I learned about storyboards recently in my graduate class and found them to be interesting, but also a great, efficient way to organize your information for a media presentation. A storyboard is effectively an outline, but in a more visual format, instead of just words “outlined” on a page. It allows anyone on the project to see the direction you are headed as graphics are included, text, script, and any animation items throughout.

While the process for storyboarding seems a bit more tedious, it assists in the long run, as it provides all the content for your project, frame by frame, all in one place. Graphics are included and the script to go with each graphic, at that moment. It allows you to take your ideas and document them for anyone, anywhere to be able to pick up and complete at any time. I personally like the cooperative and collective idea this concept brings as you can add as many ideas and helps within the story board to assist others in seeing your vision, or you can even note there is room for interpretation or creator design in the project.

While I am not sure, I wondered while reading about story boarding if I had known about it in college, if I would have written better papers, given I had an opportunity to show and visualize elements of papers, presentations, projects, etc. Storyboarding is most commonly used for graphic and animation design, but is not limited to just these mediums (thank goodness!). Look it up and learn how it can help you and your team visualize your next project!