We are learning about animation in our graduate class and it is interesting and scary all at once. All I pictured at the beginning was hinging a million graphics together to make something “move.” (Picture those flips books where you thumb through the pages and the graphic “moves” as you thumb through. I was really intrigued by this part of the class, as I think there are several applicable ways to use animation personally and professionally.

I personally found the platform “Powtoons” to be a fun, user-friendly platform that made this assignment fun and easy. There were ‘characters’ to choose from that had pre-animated things they would do such as wave, point, etc. There were several choices (more than I expected for the trial/free version) and easy to use call out boxes, text boxes, and fonts. I highly recommend this medium when working on a tutorial or training which has lighter content. Animation has a lighter feel to it, so heavier more serious content would be a challenge to use through this platform. However, it would be a nice “break” or interlude to other parts of a presentation, should your content have a heavier quality to it. My animation video is here: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/cka8Pjq51nU/?mode=presentation#/.

My take? Animation was fun, maybe the most fun thing we’ve done in class so far! It did take time to choose the graphics, characters, type in the text, and time the animation appropriately. The platform was so user friendly though, it was not a hassle to figure out where all the fonts, graphics, colors, etc. were to enhance your work. Best part? Great trial period on the platform, so try it out today!