About Me Infographic

In an effort to continue learning about online activity, elearning, and social media, I have started a Master’s at Samford on Instructional Design. “What is Instructional Design,” you might ask? Instructional Design is the creative process of an online learning module with more than just plain text. It can be an infographic (like my first go at it below), animated video, video infographic, YouTube instructional videos, and more. ¬†As I learn more and understand tools, shortcuts, and design, my hope is to give you a picture of what I am learning and what the design process looks like too.

One of our first assignments has been to learn about and develop an infographic. An infographic is a graphic that visually communicates a concept or text. Many of us have better memory retention when we visually see concepts, instead of trying to memorize text. Christoforos Pappas details several key elements of a good infographic in his article The 7 Top Benefits of Using Infographics in Online Training, the highlights of which are:

  • Offers a visual step-by-step guide.
  • Simplifies complex ideas or concepts.
  • Increases knowledge retention.
  • Aligns with your brand image.
  • Engages distracted corporate learners.

For my infographic I used Piktochart, an easy drop-and-drag infographic platform. Not only was the navigation easy, but the free templates available are great! Over the course of the semester, I will aggregate articles and resources from my class on Pinterest. Feel free to check it out and learn along with me.

Our first assignment was to create an infographic about ourselves. My first stab at an infographic is below. I am excited to compare the one below with others I will create over time.