It is the combination of life experiences that make you as wonderful as your favorite comfort food. You may feel like you are not the whole package, the creme de la creme…but you ARE.

Truth for when you feel insignificant image


All the things you have experienced continue to stack together in one amazing person. This was my thought as I put everything in this winter yumminess into the crock pot this week.

Just like a recipe, it’s singular ingredients may not be anything to write home about. Your life experiences separated out may not feel like anything significant. In fact, just like a can of stewed tomatoes or mushrooms, it may all look messy and unusable. But mix them all together? and you have one amazing dark chocolate confection. The road you are on may be hard, challenging, and possibly one where you want to sit and watch others go by, instead of continuing to walk. It is okay to feel like you are insignificant, that maybe you can’t shine, or that others are surpassing you by miles. It is not okay to BELIEVE those things. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and have GREAT purpose. What you are called to or working on is significant and no one-not anyone-can diminish that.

You are significant. Those around you could not do without you. I know I couldn’t! You enhance my life and make me the richer for it. Life may put a lot on you, but you are not alone. Don’t stop being who you are called to be, don’t discount the experiences you have had, and keep walking. Just thought you might need to be reminded today.

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