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The Craziness of a Blogging Conference!



The Allume team goes above and beyond any conference I have been to. Several friends and I were discussing how there is just nothing like it, really. The event and those that participate hold a special place in my heart.

There were so many great things about the event and I want to share some of the blessings with you (in no particular order):

I read Preemptive Love this last year and as my friend Logan promised, it was a game changer for my heart. I was priviledged to sit down with Jeremy and Jessica and chat with them. What amazing hearts they have and stories of children and families that they are helping. Stories and life-changing perspective on what loving those who hurt you are folded inside this powerhouse book.

Jeremy and Jessica of Preemptive Love Coalition

Jeremy and Jessica of Preemptive Love Coalition

Having long been a Liz Curtis Higgs fan and avid reader, it was a fun surprise and blessing to meet her. She writes in such a way that it makes Bible stories and characters come alive in real and lasting ways. Not surprisingly, she was there to invest in the next generation of writers and pray with so many of us. A true Titus woman! liz curtis higgs

. Liz Curtis Higgs at Allume!

The Spirit barreled down my heart with everything Shauna Niequist had to say at Allume. The conviction and release I had earlier this year, in no  longer operating from a “soldier” perspective, but instead, operating from grace, took root and was affirmed once again. I was convicted yet celebrated how far I had come. I had spent years celebrating my efficiency and breadth of all I could accomplish with so little time (and energy, and sleep, and community, etc.). The summer and balance of this year have been spent not in pursuing efficiency, sleeplessness, and goals. Rather, they have been spent with kids, on the floor watching movies, in the pool playing games, in my neighborhood with children all around, and with friends. It has been an unraveling of the tight, well ordered, clipped and neat life I once held proud. The unwinding of this lifestyle is not yet over, but the release and freedom that comes with taking things at a slower pace, focusing on people, not projects, has sweet benefits for the soul.

Kristi, Brendt, Shauna Niequist, and Olivia

Kristi, Brendt, Shauna Niequist, and Olivia

These two? They are balm to my soul. The two behind Allume and the force for the Kingdom that facilitates generational change globally. Words cannot adequately express my love and appreciation for them!! Follow Logan here and Sarah Mae here.

Sarah Mae, Logan (lifefordessert) and I at Allume

I do not have a picture, but Sophie Hudson quietly and with a room full of laughs, entered the deep of our hearts and affirmed in so many ways that compassion and not competitiveness is the energy we should be spending. She is local to where I live and I just smiled, beamed, and sat proud that such an amazing woman with wisdom like that came from ’round these parts. Her book will encourage and make you laugh!!

Just a snapshot of the amazing week. More to come as I process, think – through, and ruminate on all I learned and experienced!!

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