A month has passed now since I met her. It was a random, last minute invite to a small lunch, for a handful of women who come to pray at Christian Service Mission once a month. The women are around my grandmother’s age and as I sat there I saw so much wisdom in their smiles, but still ate a little impatiently, ready to move on to other things for the day. Olivia and I sat with two women and they asked us all kinds of questions, getting to know us. This surprised me, as usually people my age listen while an older generation pours into us. I left that day with two amazing realizations about 5 minute friendships.

It is wiser to lean in and listen to those who have walked ahead of you, than to always feel you need to learn by experience. I am currently caught in this juxtaposition of desperately wanting my kids to understand that I have their best interests in mind, yet still wanting to experience (or learn) everything on my own. Marci talked for a few minutes that day about how she met the Lord and then threw in a nugget that I doubt I will ever forget: “I came to the Lord because I was at my wits’ end with my kids. I sat down and prayed “God, if you are real, please help me with my children. Please help me be patient and loving.” She smiled and then looked at me said “And you know what? He DID. My husband noticed that night at dinner, my kids noticed. I haven’t been the same since.” Her words still echo in my head and heart, frequently come out of my mouth in prayer, now.

I discounted that time as something that was nice to do, but not life altering. A few minutes? What impact could that have? The Lord has spoken to me through those words and those sweet ladies, time and time again over the last few weeks. They came to the launch event for Work of Worth at the beginning of September. They came. Why? To support us (Olivia and I). Five minutes. That was all it took to leave as friends. That was all it took for me to leave changed, for the better.

While I can look back and see so many examples in the Bible of 5 minute moments that were life altering, I still stand amazed at how He uses the most inconsequential minutes in our lives to make momentous moments. I am changed. The way I pray as a parent has changed and as a result, I have noticed a change in my heart. C.S. Lewis says “Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes me.” Truth.

Have their been moments you discounted that ended up being moments that altered who you are? Are there opportunities He has placed in front of you that you are discounting?

I pray you do not miss the blessing He is trying to give.

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