God's Promises

As I have watched the news in the Middle East, there is a truth that hits me hard each day: What if Abraham had obeyed and waited for Isaac and only Isaac? The Middle East is forever affected by one act of disobedience that was a cry of desperation from a woman who simply wanted what God had promised.

As I lay down at night, processing my day, burdened for so many who are suffering globally, I cannot escape the question that keeps tapping my heart: am I obeying like Abraham and Sara did for Isaac? Taking small steps to “help” things along? Or am I waiting on the Lord, trusting that He has not forgotten me, or moved on?

The Word says “I the Lord do not change.” If God has given you a promise, He will hold to it. It may not happen or come to fruition when you think it might (25 years would go by between when God promised Abraham a son and when Isaac actually arrived!), but He does fulfill His promises.

How do we wait and hold fast with authenticity?

1. Dig in His Word. Has He given you a verse during this season? Cling to it. Tack it to your mirror, in your car, in your locker, kitchen, wallet, wherever you might need the extra encouragement.

2. Recount the affirmations you have had. Journal the ways He continues to affirm what He has promised you, called you to, etc. I tend to have such a short memory of His steadfastness! Cataloging all He has done gives us room to go back and re-read how He has worked and is working in our lives.

3. Combat and get your gear on. Put on the full armor of God. Be ready. “The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up.” 1 Peter 5:10 MSG.

What has He promised you? I would be honored to pray with you as you journey.

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