Why Yes?

Five years ago my husband returned from a trip to India, totally changed. When he first got back, he would fall asleep with our months-old daughter in his arms and look at the kids and I through eyes that saw beyond us. He had been to the largest red light district in Calcutta and had visited Freeset.

I was familiar with Freeset before my husband ever visited there, as I was a buyer for a company that purchased items from artisans worldwide, Freeset being one of those groups. The more I got to know what they did and who they worked with, the more I fell in love. A company that takes the least of these and employs them in dignity and freedom? “Yes,” is Freeset’s reply to that question.

While Freeset was growing, I watched from the outside, where there was little to no concerted effort on their behalf in the US. I saw the untapped potential for more women to be trained and begin their freedom journey, but each time I asked the founder, Kerry, about it, he just responded that they had their regular distributors, but that was all.  My heart would beat fast and I would tell him that so much more freedom could come if they had someone in the US focused on Freeset. God had been working on my heart and much like the “Do Something” song, I had pumped my fists at God, for His lack of compassion and solution to a problem where so many were suffering. Until one day, three years ago, He quietly said “There is a solution…I created you to be a part of the solution. Why aren’t you obeying?” I was sat silently with tears streaming down my cheeks. I knew.

It was time to say yes and follow through.

Why me? 

I have a Biblical Studies degree, two small children, and a husband that travels a lot. I was not a candidate to begin something. As I whispered “yes” my heart flooded with all the things I knew: He had called me “for such a time as this,” and I wanted the same things that the Freeset women wanted…freedom, dignity, and a future for our children. I also have a passion to end trafficking and provide tangible, sustainable ways to do so.

So, armed with paper, printer, pens, a small shipment of bags, and a good many prayers, Freeset USA began. It serves as the US base for Freeset in the US for advocacy, product sales, partnerships, and more. We now have a team of three and many freedom advocates (want to join or know more? email Brendt and she will fill you in-she is amazing!), and have even added two little newborn freedom advocates in the last six months. It has been hard, challenging, wonderful, and awe inspiring.

My friend Kristen said YES to God in the middle of her mess and has transparently shared her story. I said YES in my mess of diapers, tight finances, and utter faith. What are you waiting to say “YES” in your mess to? Say YES now. Don’t wait-obedience is not only rewarding personally, but leaves a legacy for your children and those that come behind you, far beyond what we imagine.

So how do you get your hot little hands on this amazing book? Two ways:

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rhinestone Jesus

” Where you’re living today is the place where God has put you. He orders our steps, even when we misstep.” Kristen Welch

2 thoughts on “Saying Yes in My Mess

  1. Becky,

    My heart is saying “yes” to the adoption of our eight month old foster baby.

  2. Becky,

    I’m saying “yes” to adoption of our eight month old foster child. We continue to pray for God’s clear voice to the entire family.

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