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Let’s face it, the holidays can be hard. Added activities, expenses, dealing with family, and managing your own, can be overwhelming.

I thought this month some letters to my mom (and her replies) would be an encouragement to you.

Each Monday we’ll look at something related to the holidays (questions I have asked my mom) and her gracious replies. You will not only love her replies, but be so blessed by them. The insight the Lord has given her as a marriage and family therapist is God-given and she uses the gifts He has bestowed in unprecedented ways.

Generational Traditions: Integrating traditions that include Christ

Mom, how do I integrate Christmas traditions that include Christ? What are some ideas you have or traditions we could start?

Here are some ideas I have used to help us keep Christ as the central focus in our Christmas celebrations:

1. Make Christ a priority in decorations.  There are many decorations that carry symbolic

meanings related to Christ.  Know their symbolism, and talk about it with your children.

2.  Make Christ a priority in activity.  Plan activities surrounding events that highlight

the real meaning of Christ, and talk daily with your children about Christ and Christmas.

Play a mix of music that includes Christmas carols and hymns, as well as secular

Christmas songs.

3. Make Christ a priority in focus.  What is the focus of your conversations about Christmas

with your children and others? Is it on shopping and buying of gifts, or do you talk about

the wonderful gift God gave us in Christ?

4.    Any activity that highlights the reason for Christmas is a great tradition. We always liked to

use an Advent calendar. If it has a religious theme, it is even better! Allowing the children

to act out (with Nativity figures) the Christmas story before opening gifts is a wonderful

tradition.  Have birthday party for Jesus, complete with cake and games.

More coming! The next installment is on dealing with difficult family members and friends during the holidays.

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