On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…6 geese a laying…

You will not want to miss today’s installment of 12 Days from Freeset’s founder, Annie…


The back roads of Botardanga are mostly dirt and often have ducks and geese crossing  as they wander freely from pond to pond.  It is close to where the Freeset Business Incubator has purchased land and will be the base of the work in Murshidabad, an area north of Calcutta.

As we get to know our new neighbors we have discovered that it too, has dark secrets. We have many lovely children roaming the land and they are just so friendly.  One young man is Bima.  He doesn’t know how old he is and doesn’t go to school and is being brought up by his grandmother.  His mum lives in Mumbai.  The more we chat, the more we suspect that she has been trafficked there.


Recently, while building the boundary wall at the Incubator property, we faced opposition from some locals.  The ring- leader we are discovering, may well be a trafficker.  If this is happening, in our new community – we are certainly in the right place to begin new work.

Naseema and Josna are 2 lovely young girls that visit me often.  Their innocence and joy – an absolute delight.  My hope, this Christmas, is that by moving into this neighborhood – Josna and Naseema might grow up – not robbed of their innocence – but like the geese, able to roam freely without fear and enjoy life to the fullest.


Join us in the freedom story of those at Freeset and for future freedom for those like Josna and Naseema.

The more Freeset bags and tees that sell, the more women Freeset is able to train to work in freedom. Support these amazing women and get Christmas gifts by buying a bag or tee at www.freesetusa.com. Read yesterday’s 12 Days Freedom installment here.

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