The Heavens rejoiced five years ago this week, when my maternal grandmother joined the saints that have gone before us. She left a legacy that is still marching through the veins of my little four year old girl, and prayerfully many more generations to come.

My grandmother left many things in her legacy and gave many gifts throughout my life. Her faith and knowing of Whose she was remains one of the greatest gifts. Another gift that bumps up close and personal for me though, is that she saw me. I mean my grandmother SAW me. All the years of my life, all the funny and awkward seasons I went through….she saw me.

It didn’t matter what war was going on in my heart, whether I belonged here, or there, who I dated, or how far away I was. She would take one look at me and SEE me. See me for the person God had in store. See me for the beauty He has created within. And see me in the grace of His mercy as a not just a granddaughter, but a sister in Christ.

When I get to Heaven, I want to crawl into her lap one more time and just be held. Because all of us, at the end of the day, just want to be seen. Understood. Valued. We want to know that our coming home makes a difference in the lives of those around us. That the one who makes a hundred sandwiches {just the right way}, picks up 5,000 socks {and tries to match them}, and lovingly gives so many hugs {because isn’t being held sometimes what rights a crooked day?}, does it all to point to Him, so that those tucked in the sheets we wash and beds we make, may see Him. Ultimately see Him.

It matters not what road you are walking, mountain you are climbing, or rock you are hiding behind….He sees you. He made you. He values you more than anything He created on this earth. Every tear that falls, every tiny laugh, muffled cry, or gentle smile-He sees it.

I pray for someone to see you this weekend. See the amazing person you are {you ARE something divine, you know that…right?!}. May you know Whose you are, that you can see those around you.

What a gift to give to be seen.
What an even greater gift to see others.

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