Dear Weary Mom,
You should know you are not alone.

He is there when then bank account has only pennies, while you wipe the counter for the 62nd time, as you pick up toys, help with one last week of homework, make dinner for your family, run through the mental list of all that is to be done…. He is there.

And this is my prayer for you today:

Lord, I pray for your child, this weary Mom, that needs your reassurance. I pray a blessing over her and her children, that you would cause Your face to shine upon her, and give her peace. A peace today, that passes all understanding.

Jesus, give her strength, give her wisdom beyond her years. Give her Your eyes to see her husband, children, and neighbors. Help her to know, in a way only You can, that she is not only beautiful, but treasured. That when she looks in the mirror today, she would see what You see. And she would know Your utter delight in her, as Your creation.

Hold her hurts, her fears, her insecurities. Speak truth to her today, Lord. Thank you for this weary Mom and the gift she is to the world. Amen

YOU are loved.

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