I sat there weeping, tears coursing down my face, as I listened to Francis Chan talk about the faithfulness of God. He spoke about Gomer and how Hosea must have felt when she continued to return to her old life, a life of unfaithfulness to him, and an ultimate example of our unfaithfulness to God. Even when we know in our heads that God’s way is best, we seem to make decisions with our heart that speak otherwise. Francis talked about what the scene must have been like there at the auction where Gomer stood, waiting to be sold back to slavery. Hosea runs up “I want her! I’ll pay whatever the price for her! She is mine and I want her back! She belongs with me…and I love her” he pronounces. Imagine Gomer’s disbelief. Imagine her heart. All any woman really wants is to know she is loved, wanted, and will be cared for. Here Hosea is shouting to the crowds that he wants her-after all she has done-and that he will care for her. That story in itself moved me, especially as a woman, because my soul desires those things too-love, to be wanted, and to be cared for.

But the analogy given was one of faithfulness. How, in our society today, we have such a hard time understanding what that really looks like. A generation ago, divorce became normal, a generation later, porn became globally accessible, and in the world right now, women and children are sold in hundreds, by the second, unknowingly by their families, into various forms of slavery. I do not know what the percentage of unfaithfulness is in marriage, but my gut says it has to be higher than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

But God.

He IS faithful and His words says He will never leave me or forsake me. The same is true for you.

The story of Gomer rings in my head as a powerful parallel to how the Lord must look at me today. It doesn’t matter how far I have run, He still pursues me and wants me. I can’t out run Him, I can’t talk Him out of the room, and my emotions (good or bad) do not frighten or threaten Him. He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be forever. He has created me in His image and smiles when He thinks about me.  The same is true for you.

I do not know your background, but I would imagine that you have dealt with unfaithfulness on some level in your lifetime-whether in loyalty from a friend, infidelity, cheating boyfriend, etc.  Part of me cannot even imagine what that kind of faithfulness looks like, because I feel like I am so unfaithful to God. I lose my temper with the kids and do not show self control with my tongue. I don’t pray before a decision, because I want it to be my way. I run off for things that are not the best for me, simply because I can. Yet, I hear His voice over the noise, saying my name. Calling to me, that I would come home. “Whatever the price…it has been paid,” He says gently. “I want you, I love you, and I will be with you always.” He says. I am dumbfounded.

Francis finishes with verses from Revelation, about the coming of the Lord and the amazing last days. That same God that comes back to gather His children, is the same God that pursues you and I. He IS faithful!!


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