2012 learned

Was there one thing (or two, or three?) you learned this year? There were several things I learned this year, but the predominant one was this:

If He’s not in it, I don’t want it.

I know it sounds basic. I am a slow learner! I had heard that phrase before, but this year I began to understand it, resound with it, and have begun to desire Him in a way I had not before. Things I use to love just didn’t have the same appeal, if He was not a part of it. My friend Brooke and I have talked about this concept before, and I confess as the year slipped away, it was comforting to know others that had learned (or were learning!) that lesson too. I was not alone.

Some other things I learned? How to pray differently, after reading The Circle Maker, the importance of choosing Him because the Lord has amazing plans for us, and what a world of women can do to impact the world-specifically ending human trafficking.

What have you learned this year? or are still learning? What’s in store for YOU in 2013?

Looking forward to a great year!!!

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