Welcome to the AMAZING 12 Days of Freedom with Freeset!! Please meet the most inspiring bloggers who highlight Freeset and a woman’s story. We are a few days in, so take a minute to go back and visit previous posts-you will not regret it!!

Struggling with gifting this year? Wanting to either get or give more than you have finances for? Just a few of these stories will place so many things in perspective. I love reading them because they give me some good groundwork to frame my attitude and day-we are so blessed!

Merry Christmas and Happy 12 Days of Freedom!

Dec 1 Teri Lynne

Dec 2 Karen Knapp

Dec 3 MOB Society

Dec 4 Dawn Perkins

Dec 5 Lara Williams

Dec 6 Carey Bailey

Dec 7 Lindsey Nobles

Dec 8 Stacey Thacker

Dec 10 Sarah Mae and Allume



2 thoughts on “Freedom Fridays {12 Days of Freedom with Freeset}

  1. Karlie,


    Just wanted to let you know that I got my Women of Vision t-shirt that is made by Freeset and it’s beautiful! I’m excited to wear it and tell people about the organization that made it and also about World Vision’s Stong Women, Strong World initiative.

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