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I had picked up my son from Kindergarten and both my kids were contentedly watching VeggiesTales as we drove home. The silence was golden :).

And then it wasn’t.

“Today you have the most important job of your life,” Moses’ mom said, talking to her daughter. They were watching the story of Moses when he was saved by his parents, by being put in a basket, in the reeds.

The silence ended.

“What if Moses’ sister hadn’t obeyed?” I thought. “What if she had played with her friends, or played in the sand on the shore, or…or….?” I pondered. Her obedience changed the nation of Israel forever. It was not a hard task, in fact, it may have seemed insignificant: watching her baby brother. But the result of her obedience was the catalyst for God’s children to be led out of captivity. I thought of the ‘insignificant’ things He had asked me to do recently, that I had sloughed off. People I needed to text and check on. Emails I had not written, encouraging friends that are hanging on by a thread, extra hugs for my kids….the list ticked off in my head. I pulled into the garage, parked the car, and sent a text. It was a start.

What small, (seemingly) insignificant thing is He asking you to do? It might change a nation. It might change a family.

It might change you.

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