Beautiful are the feet who bring good news…..

In a week, I’ll pack up a small bag and head over to the “un-Tuscany” that is called India, for my un-vacay: Calcutta. For ten days, I’ll leave my kids and my husband, my air conditioned home, clean floors (well, that is in my head!), and relatively safe, life.

But there is criticism.

“How could you leave your kids?” or “Isn’t expensive to do that? I could never afford that.” “Calcutta? Isn’t that the worst of India?” or “why would you want to do that? You deserve a vacation!”

The interesting thing to me about these comments is that if I said: “In a week, I’ll pack a small bag and head over the ocean, on a cruise with a few friends…” the response from friends would probably be:

“WOW! That is GREAT!!” or “You SO deserve that!” or “Way to take time out for yourself!” or “You work so hard and need that time.”

Yet, when pursuing a trip where a group helps to free women from human trafficking, there is reticence and a bit of criticism. By societies’ standards, I am not following the rules. I am taking time for myself, using my gifts and abilities for something bigger than myself, yet, in the world’s eyes…it is useless, or frivolous.

I am going on vacation…but it is a vacation for my heart: to reconnect with those that need Him, see the reality of what the world really is (mired in sin) and come back with stories of Hope and Light, and the lives that are forever impacted by mercy. It is a vacation of freedom: one where my souls sees and knows the freedom(s) that I have here, the freedom that my children have, and the freedom that so many women long for.

So when I think of my vacay…my heart smiles. Yes, I am leaving my children-to work on behalf of those with children who have no voice. Yes, it is expensive-but He provides over and above what we need. And the final (big) one: “Why would you want to do that?” Because I could not sleep at night knowing what I know, seeing what I have seen, and not do something about it. I mean DO something about it. Go, help, come back, help more. We have far too many resources here in the US to idly sit by and have women and children trafficked. Over the next few months, we’ll look at different organizations that are helping to end human slavery, both locally and internationally.

Please join me in remembering our team as we go to Calcutta…the worst of India…but the BEST of His heart can be seen there. The brightest lights cannot be dimmed, and the Hope that is His cannot be taken or stolen. Will you join me (virtually) while I go? I’ll be posting stories and pictures of our adventures there, and how you can be involved too.


4 thoughts on “The Un-Vacay

  1. Heather,

    Thank you for taking ur un-vacation. Thank you for living authentically. Thank you for your passion and determination. I will definitely keep your trip at the top of my morning prayers (and probably throughout the day too!). Hug those women and girls for me too…

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