Our girl’s small group is doing the study Stuck by Jennie Allen this fall. Have you heard of it? It is about feeling stuck in one place and not being able to move or get out.

I was feeling rather stuck this summer and this study kept crossing my path-emails, conversations, reviews…I couldn’t get away from it.

One thing I felt stuck in was my friendships. I mean, I have friends…but I realized they were only surface level. I knew their kids names and ages, what football team they rooted for (which is THE identifier in Alabama!), and what novel they had read last.

But that was it.

I realized I didn’t know what made them tick. What made them mad? What made them happy? Did I really know any of my friends? What were they passionate about? What was God teaching them? What were the hurts and joys over their lifetime that had shaped them? I didn’t know any of my friends. I was stuck.

So this fall, we (hopefully!) will be all stuck together :). If you are looking for a study and a friend to read along with, I am happy to read with you. We start week 1 today, so read through week one by Aug 29. The book is sold out where I live, so you might look into Kindle (or reading it on Kindle app!). I have been reading in the carpool line this week, on my phone via the Kindle app.

I am really looking forward to getting to know my friends (and you!) better in the coming weeks-better beyond 20 questions and favorite color (wink!) that is! Let me know if you want to join virtually!

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