I am not sure words do justice to what we saw and have experienced today. It was a day with the horrific and the holy.

Today we walked inside the brothels of a community we hope to open a freedom location in. As we walked down thin, bamboo-lined walkways, a door opened and a man (customer) came out. The reality of what slavery looks like slaps you in the face. The women’s children play under their beds, in the walkways, in between rooms. The hopelessness and vacant stares leave your heart hollow.

We sat and talked with the women for a while, specifically the madame of that brothel. The women were very open and excited about the possibility of leaving the sex trade and living in freedom. Their slavery was not a choice, they were sold, tricked, or trafficked to where they are now.

We stood on the rooftop and prayed. Wept, and prayed. The truth is, freedom cannot come fast enough for these women. We need staff, leadership, and people that are willing to live in this area and serve. Truly the harvest is ready. (I don’t want to say ‘white’ because it just seems wrong!).

I stood on the rooftop, overlooking the overflowing river and heard Isaiah ringing in my head ‘who will come? Who will go for me?’ as hundreds of faces of women trapped in slavery raced in my memory.

But God.

After we prayed, the madame came and asked us to stay for tea, a very unusual and positive sign. It was at the moment that the Spirit literally seemed to rush in. We had tea with her, she escorted us to through the rest of the area, and then asked us to come to her house (room). She had already paid for tea, but insisted on the visit, so we came. We all sat in her room, about the size of a full mattress, and she bought juice and we chatted. She told us about her family and her children. Her hospitality was unprecedented. She really cares for the girls she overseas and wants freedom for them. She thanked us for coming. YES…read that again. SHE thanked us for coming.

For all the darkness, a tremendous light shone through today. You are a part of a (future) freedom story because of your prayers today. Thank you. Thank you so much.

6 thoughts on “India: Tuesday {an unprecedented day}

  1. Mark,

    A ministry in our city helps women get out of prostitution. They have been getting 2 or 3 calls a week lately. In many instances, they also talk with pimps about getting out. Not long ago, a pimp helped a woman load her suitcase into the car to leave. Last week, a woman and her pimp both got in the car to leave. God does amazing things in people’s hearts when believers get out onto the front lines.

  2. Ann,

    Your statement about the harvest will keep me from ever looking at the local farm fields the same again. In our neck of farm country, harvest doesn’t look white – it looks golden. Fields upon fields and miles upon miles of golden corn and rice stalks just waiting to be harvested. Those women are precious as gold. That thought will be with me every time I look at a golden field ready for harvest.

  3. Sarah,

    My heart is there with you! Every time I go to India I always ask God why are there not more people here? If only so and so would just come and see what’s going on here more change can be done!

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