Photo Credit: David Hare

I left with India imprinted on my heart, as much as my hand.

After two and a half days of travel, we are back! As I showered and washed the last of Calcutta off my feet, my heart felt divided. I was thrilled to see my family, yet missed the girls I had been with all week (both from the trip and Freeset girls).

The closer we came, the more I realized the stark differences between where we had been and where we were returning to. We returned to Starbucks, materialism, and obsession with over-sanitization. We had left poverty, smiling faces of free women, coupled with the oppression of evil and sin.

I stared dumbstruck as people walked through security in Atlanta on their heels (no shoes going through security), afraid to touch the floor, for all the people that had walked through. If only they had seen what we had walked through, they would realize the glossy, polished marbled floor was quite clean.

The song Homesick, from Mercy Me, runs through my head tonight: “if home is where your heart is, I’m out of place….”¬†¬†Half my heart is still in India and the other half here, wrapped around my family. I feel out of place-I don’t belong in India, but seemingly don’t feel I belong here, either. I find I am homesick-for Heaven-when both worlds collide and there are no more tears and all joy, worshiping our Lord.

God is working globally, doing some amazing things that truly can only be attributed to Him. More to come on that. For now, I leave you with some children from the village where Freeset bought land to open a second location.

photo credit: David Hare


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