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“How are you?! I have missed seeing you!” my friend says as she gives me a warm hug. I have missed her too. Summer scatters us and causes us to be less consistent in catching up.

My heart stops at hearing her response: “I am good, but busy. Life is so busy these days and I can’t catch up!” she replies.

I think of the article I read on this yesterday. And the conversations that swirl around me about the amount of time spent at kids’ sporting events (and cramming homework in, or summertime fun).

I feel backwards in so many ways. Our son (5 years old) is not in baseball, tee ball, or soccer. We have our nights to ourselves and I am not rushing everyone to and fro (yet!). We have dinner together most nights as a family.

And yet, I feel an anomaly.

I had begun to feel like my son was really missing out and that my daughter (3 years old) would be forever scarred for not already being in ballet. But these last few months I am wrapping a quilt around who we are as a family like a cool summer night, and cherishing it. My son will start Kindergarten in the fall and our family will change, because he will change so much. We will begin the cycle of after school activities and time with friends, and homework. All good things.

As I look at the remaining weeks left of summer and the picnic we have been on (or circus ride!!), I smile. A year ago I needed more margin in my life and we have it now. I believe our kids have thrived from it. My fear isn’t that my son is starting Kindergarten and he is growing up (I know, I am so strange!!), my fear is that our family will lose some of the margin we have gained this year and will not ever be able to get it back.

I want to sincerely say when asked how we are doing that “we are fine! We are thriving!” instead of “I’m too busy! going in circles!” or worse: no time to invest in relationships with my family or friends anymore. The day is fast approaching where I’ll need to unwrap myself and lay out the quilt for picnics, sleepovers, and heave knows what else. But for now, I am soaking up the time we have and doing my best to smile at the antics and not pout about them.

What is your insight and wisdom about busyness?

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