We are in Murshidabad, an area where many women are ‘sourced’ for human trafficking. We will meet some real heroes today (pics to come) of men that have stood up against this in their own communities, calling for trafficking to stop. We will see the land Freeset has just purchased (signed last night, while we were here!), and get to know the communities a bit better.

Please remember us today, as you lay down to sleep (and we are starting our day), that He will guide our conversations, and give us eyes to see His creation. There are hard things in India-poverty, undernourished children, fatherless children, and women that have no voice. We are here that these might have a voice and may be changed through Him. In the midst of the chaos and huge mass of people, it can be hard to see Him sometimes-but He is always there.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts-they are sustaining!
More later….

Beginning the day-


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