This fall will be filled with stories of freedom-organizations, women, and more that are involved in freedom in some form or fashion. I am behind on my posts for this, so in lieu of a guest post, below is what freedom looks like through the lens of David Hare.

Enjoy and be compelled.

freedom signed for by a woman: signing papers for a second freedom location.


tea with a madame who is interested in freedom for herself and the girls she manages.

opening doors for freedom…area for a new training center.

changing generations…granddaughter of a man whose daughter was tricked and sold into human trafficking. He is now a catalyst for girls in his area, so that this is not repeated.

girls in school, getting education is so critical! Look at their beautiful faces!

lunch on a plate made of banana leaves

our henna hands

Thanks for being part of the freedom story…

2 thoughts on “Freedom Fridays {in pictures}

  1. Olivia,

    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your second journey. It is good to see how God is moving in such a dark place! Thank you for going! ow

  2. Courtney,

    I miss you sweet friend, so glad to get to see some pics from your trip! How amazing to see doors opening and lives being changed for the better!

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