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Both of my kids came with a manual for parenting (didn’t yours?!)…NOT. I’ve had one epiphany and one conviction recently about parenting.

And wished for the 10,000th time that they came with a manual.


I am not wild about the preschool age my kids are at. I love them. They are GREAT kids and I am super blessed to be their mom. But, I do not like this stage and that is ok. Many of my friends LOVE this stage and I had felt for some time that I was a terrible mother because the stage we are in is a challenge for me. My epiphany was that even if everyone else liked this stage of their kids, it didn’t mean I was a bad mom OR that I didn’t love my children (even though it felt like it with all the gushing about how great other’s kids were!). I felt a renewed sense of freedom after this. I love my kids and might be doing ok as a mom!


I had been praying about my responses to my kids (how I responded emotionally, verbally and in body language) and how to do a better job. I believed my issue really was patience. That I was not patient enough (or had no patience at all!). I read this article and was so convicted, realizing that it had nothing to do with patience, or attitude, or sleep (or lack of sleep). It had to do with self control. I was not controlling my emotions or my body language or my frustration as I should have. WOW.

Self Control.

Ouch. “Lord, are you kidding?” I asked one night, staring up at the time that is projected on our ceiling. “Self control is SO hard…and requires so much. of me.” I sighed and then cried. Because a small death was occurring
in my heart. I realized that if I was to be the model of Jesus that my kids needed, and the kind of parent that would honor the Lord…I needed self control more than the air I was breathing. So I began praying. Every morning before my feet hit the floor, I prayed that He would help me have self control. “This is definately something I can’t do on my own, Lord. I need YOU to intervene and help. ” I prayed.

And He has.

Of course I have not been perfect. Of course I have not gained a might of self control without His help. But my responses have been better and more tempered.

Have you had an epiphany recently? Or been convicted of something? Share in the comments below or email me and I’ll be praying for you.


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