I was gripping the handles for my life. Or so it seemed. We were visiting my in laws, who live near a lake and still have their boat (bought before I was born!) and were out with the tube. The kids love it. I like it-at 10 miles an hour- I don’t like riding for dear life though. My husband says if you are a serious lake person, you ride a tube to be bounced off and soar to an airborne state.

For the record: I am officially not a serious lake person.

I feel like I am fishtailing between the wake, gripping the handles until my whole body is rigid and it hits me: if I loosen a little when the waves aren’t as bad, I would enjoy this.

So much like life.

If I loosen my grip a little when things aren’t swirling around me, I might enjoy it a bit more. It may seem like things never let up, but usually everything has a season, and ebbs and flows. By resting when the waves were not as choppy, I had strength to hold on when they were.

As I smile back at my kids who are waving wildly in the boat, laughing that their ‘mommy’ is tubing, that same phrase repeats itself: if I choose to rest, I have the strength to hold on.

What are you gripping onto for dear life that He may be calling you to relax or let go?

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