I got married young-20! We celebrated our 14th anniversary yesterday (7/11) and as I reflect on our relationship, four things came to mind that I have learned:

1. It is a small thing to be right.

2. Husbands want to be respected. Wives want to be loved (not just loved on, but loved for who they are).

3. My husband (and most guys) want “just the facts” not the (whole) story. 🙂

4. Romanticism isn’t what I imagined it was 20 years ago. I thought love was like the Sound of Music, when near the end of the movie, Captain von Trapp looks over their car at Maria, deciding when to leave/escape Austria. The look that passes between them shows a lot of depth and I used to think that was love, anticipating those “meaningful” looks. What I didn’t understand then, that I do now, is that a depth like that is born out of triumph and tragedy. Words that pass silently through the windows of your soul is a result of a depth in your relationship that is hard earned. I used to think it was romantic, now I know it is because two people have fought hard and long to keep what they have and keep loving unconditionally. We have faced some challenges, walked roads we didn’t think we would, but have been amazingly blessed, and grateful for all He has given us.

Looking forward to 50 more years 🙂

Bonus: I saw the picture above on my anniversary and it warmed my soul with it’s truth.

What have you learned about marriage, either through your relationship or through others’ example of marriage?

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