Would you use the minute spent on facebook wishing me happy birthday (tomorrow) to pray for Freeset and our roof/terrace situation? (to catch up, click here)

Right now, as you read, our Freeset staff are about to go to court (on my birthday!) to hear what the judge has ruled for our case.  The hearing will be today, Wednesday night, our time (which is Thursday morning, India time).

We have had good news this week, that indicates some local authorities have taken our case into account, promising to speak to the judge in advance. We will not know the outcome until the hearing.

Please pray for a changed heart for the judge (a woman) who literally said back to our staff  “let the building be demolished and the women sent back to the lines (prostitution lines).” Pray that she will see Christ as Paul saw Him on his Road to our Lord.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart…for praying. For holding these women living in freedom, close to your heart and in your prayers. May He bless you richly!!

for freedom-


One thought on “Instead of birthday wishes {would you…}

  1. Heather,

    Lord, we know you are a big God. This event did not come as a surprise to you. We must trust Your hand in this situation, even if it may seem a step backward. These women matter to You. You see them. Continue to protect them & make yourself known to them. Move the judge’s heart. Amen. (happy birthday friend)

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