We currently have a frog (pair) outside our living room window that sings and makes froggy noises. They sing so loudly, that when people call us at night, their first comment after hello is: ‘is that a FROG?’ Our frogs sing in the rain, when it’s hot, and when it is cooler outside.

We have had excitement with our frog friends over the last ten days: one frog stowed away in my bathing suit, and into the house, hopping out (fortunately) before I put my suit on(!); and you might be wondering how we know there is a ‘pair’ of frogs…well…there are 1,000 tadpoles in an inch of rain water in our kiddie pool, in the back yard.

Much to my 5 year old son’s dismay, I returned the frog that had stowed away in my suit, outside. For two nights, it was quiet. No frog noises…nothing.

I wondered silently, ‘did I traumatize it so, that it lost its’ voice?’ What if we scared it so much (with my screaming in surprise) and my kids tapping on the cover of the glad-ware container I had coaxed into…that it was too frightened to sing?

Have you lost your voice?

There are seasons in life when things get hard, sticky, painful, and maybe even traumatic. Have those things caused you to lose your desire to sing? To do what you were created to do? That one thing that you (only you!) do best?

Because, my dear…it makes a difference. YOU make a difference. When our little frog didn’t sing those two nights….neither did any of the other frogs. Do not discount your influence and what God has created you to be. Those of us around you are counting on you to be who He created you to be, so we can come and sing alongside you, furthering the Kingdom together. When you aren’t singing your song, others aren’t hearing His tune.

It is ok to take a break here and there. All of us need time off. My prayer though, is that you don’t lose your voice. I pray you see Him and those around you and all He is doing through you. That you are living out who He created you to be. “He who began a good work in you, is faithful and just to complete it.”

Hope to hear YOU singing!

4 thoughts on “Have you lost your voice?

  1. Comment author Kristi,

    So glad it was an encouragement! Praying for you as you prepare for this new chapter!!! Love you 🙂

  2. Noelle,

    Great words Kristi! Thank you for being a vessel that the Lord uses. Much love to you!

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