Please welcome Jackie from Motif this fine Friday. Jackie is a designer from the UK who is super talented and has a heart for the oppressed that is unmatched.

Greetings all and thanks to Kristi for inviting me to ‘Fair Trade Fridays’. Kristi and I shared a room at May’s Fair
Trade Federation (FTF) event in Seattle and of course found we shared a lot more too!

History drew a line between India and Bangladesh (then E. Pakistan) in 1947 – but the Bengali people either side of
that divide remain one and the same. The amazing women Kristi works with at Freeset in Kolkata, India are very
like those I share life with at Motif, across the border in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Both men and women like Nasma (left in pic below) find a safe-place in Motif to earn their living with dignity and respect.
Nasma, having been fired from a garments factory once found to be pregnant, now has hope and a future. On
joining Motif Nasma promised herself that her newborn son Raju, would be the first child ever in her family to
attend school. Now 9 yrs old, Raju loves to stop by and show off his uniform and school books.

Together with these wonderfully skilled artisans I design our ranges of bags, gifts and home accessories. A new

collection every year to celebrate their talents and their determination in every piece.

When you buy fair trade there’s a part of you in that piece too – from a tasty cup of coffee to a beautiful silk scarf.
There’s a true camaraderie in this Fair Trade movement that Kristi and I are excited to share with each other,
and with you too.

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