We’ve been cautiously excited this week…beginning to do the happy dance. All because of YOU.

You are making an impact in ending human trafficking.

Thank you. Thank you so much!

An update from our director, Kerry:

Firstly, thank you to everybody for your “thoughts” over the last few weeks regarding the Corporation’s (local Council) order to demolish the terrace covering on the Freeset building.  This is obviously a huge concern especially since that space is used for the entire Freeset screen printing operation.  You can imagine how a bad outcome would affect the business and therefore freedom.

I apologise that I haven’t given an update before now.  I’ve been waiting to give the good news that everything is okay but unfortunately I can’t say that just yet.

I can tell you this.  The judge said she would give her decision on June 7.  That decision, which would have gone against us, was deferred through some pressure from higher up.

Let me explain: friends here locally facilitated an appointment for Mina & I to meet with the elder brother of the city Mayor.  I was a bit hesitant knowing we could land ourselves with an even larger bribe however I’m happy to report that (so far) this has not been the case.  Mr Chatterjee (the Mayor’s brother) received us very well, saying that he would sort out the problem and not to worry.   At his advise we have paid some fees to sort out the issue, which are in keeping with normal Corporation costs and were told it would most likely be all sorted by this last Monday.  As of today (Friday) it still has not been completed which actually is not a surprise.  Things always take longer to get done than people day.

I am quietly confident the problem will be resolved (although I can’t be certain) but cannot celebrate that fact just yet.  Please keep lifting up that He will see us through this and I will let you know when to celebrate.

Thank you all-K

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