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My value and worth had been challenged. “if this……or if you…that…” was said. My stomach was rolling, my heart beating fast. My head spinning, thinking “will I ever be good enough?”


I already am…and so are you.

Friends, it is not about how much laundry we do, how neatly our clothes are folded, how combed our children’s hairs are, how much money we make, or the size of our house.

Your value is not wrapped up in any of those things. It may feel as if they are, but they are not. Not really.

Your value is in Jesus.

He thinks the world of you. Who you are, what He’s created you to be, and all He has planned for you (and the generations after you).  He smiles just at the thought of you. He knows how many hairs are on your head (and your children’s head, whose hair simply won’t stay put!) and has fearfully and wonderfully made you.

Satan may knock on my door (and yours) and try to convince us otherwise, but my value is not on things that have value here on earth. It cannot be measured by earthly standards and cannot be paid in earthly wages.

You are valuable. Just the way you are. He sees you. Sees you through His eyes. You are worth more than rubies and I love you for it.


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