I was studying our small group lesson and this verse hit me:

“6 They took their daughters in marriage and gave their own daughters to their sons, and served their gods.” Judges 6:3

This means that the Israelites not only did not wipe out the other groups God had commanded them to, but had married into those groups. What really hit me below the belt was this:

Giving their sons to these women changed the nation of Israel from worshipping the One True God, to worshipping other gods. The women had influence and changed the nation.


Lest we think we cannot make a difference, or change the way things are: we can.

All throughout Judges it talks about how the “sons were given to their daughters,” resulting in a change in “who” was worshipped.


We have influence-for good or bad. We can change a NATION for the King, should we opt to do so. It is hard when there are so many things swirling around us, kids to be chased, laundry to be folded, three meals a day to take care of, parents to care for…to think that any of it matters.

It does.

It mattered in the lifetime of those women that married into the Israel peoples. It matters now. You can change your family heritage, cycle, and legacy, for the Kingdom and His glory today and tomorrow. Let’s use our influence in our families for His glory and the good of those that come after us.

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