I bring before you a plea, to cry out before the Lord for a miracle that is truly God-sized. We have one month to set aside and consecrate our prayers on behalf of Freeset and it’s continued work.
I ask that you post this, repost this, tweet it, and more….on behalf of freedom.

He is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine.

And that is what we are asking.

If you feel so compelled, please set reminders on your phone/computer for 10 am EST to pray for a few minutes daily, for the next month, for Freeset and our family of FREED women there.

The latest from Kerry, the founder/director:

“For those of you who have been praying about the hearing (at the Corporation Building Department) yesterday:

Freeset had a complaint laid against it by the local Corporation for constructing what is considered a temporary structure on the terrace of our building at 172 Ramesh Dutta Street. More than 5 years ago we attempted to gain permission lawfully to cover the terrace but were always met with the demand for bribes which we were not prepared to do. After considering things carefully and feeling short of options we elected to pray and construct and for 5 years have not had a problem (temporary construction is common without permission). At the last election a new Councillor representing a new party was elected. The first thing she said to me was,” I hear the last Councillor helped you which means I will not. Since then we have had continual problems with her.

It is hard to know what to do at times because things are not black and white – we need real wisdom as to how to move forward on lots of things. Recently our Councillor laid a complaint about the construction to building department division of the Corporation. Even though the Corporation respect what we do they told we they were obligated to follow through with the complaint because the complaint had come from the Councillor herself.

At Freeset we have been praying for a favourable hearing.

Sadly, I have to say the hearing was not favourable at all. The lady judge couldn’t have been more difficult. At one stage Mina (Mina came to the hearing to speak on behalf of the women) {one of the first Freeset women} said “please do not give a demolition order as it could mean lots of women will return to the street” – on which the Judge said – “let them go back to the street.”

The Judge will give her decision in exactly one months time. She gave no indication that she will be lenient so it would be a real miracle if she allows us to regularise the renovations.

I keep wondering if I could have made better decisions in the past and no doubt I could have. I have tried to make what I believe are the right ones.

If in a months time she rules against us we can still go to a higher court which will take time, stress and money. I have to admit it would be nice not to have to go that far.

Over the years I’ve learnt to live with the stress that comes with working in this city I love amongst this community which I love even more. Please pray for a miracle – we need one. Demolition would close screen printing down and severely affect business which in turn effects freedom. Remember freedom is our business and that’s what we are trying not only to protect but to increase.

Thank you for bringing this before God.


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