Please welcome Lanie Beth to Fair Trade Fridays!

Hi there! It’s a honor to be able to talk, or write rather, for a few moments on Kristi’s blog today! My name is Lanie Beth Sinclair and I blog over at A Grateful Girl’s Guide to Style. I’m a mom to a toddler girl and a wife to a 6’8’’ man. When Brad, my husband, and I first started talking to people about joining in the fight against trafficking, I was super nervous. Taking a stand for something, anything, generally means that you’ll be studied, analyzed and scrutinized. Sometimes those are deserved but most of the time people just want to find something wrong with your ‘plan’. That and tell you why you should be doing more. Oh, and trust me…they will.

It’s frustrating to say the least, however we try to stay focused on the fact that while we cannot change the world alone, we are still responsible for our part. And my part cannot just be to cry about the human situation in many parts of our world. Emotion is not a substitute for action, but lucky for us, a lot of times emotion propels us into action. Below are three places to start if you are a SAHM like me and want to do your part where you live to fight trafficking.

1. Pray for these peoples. No better place to start than on your knees. They need help in all forms and our Lord is mighty to save. Pray often. Pray hard. Pray specifically.

2. Research. Get to know the numbers and figures so that you can have educated conversations. Be honest in your knowledge and place in this journey to justice but yo have to know the nitty gritty before you can understand the depth of this problem. This site is a great place to start.

3. Be a conscious consumer. Understand where the products you are buying come from. Much how we scrutinize the diets of our families with organic and healthy options, we must also pay attention to companies that practice economic sustainability through their supply chains. Companies like Freeset. They are where we should be putting our money. Not for Sale has a great app called Free2Work that rates various product sectors on their supply chain transparency. It’s a wonderful starting point to get started into personal education of trafficking. On the whole, if laborers are trafficked, they are more than likely sold for sex as well. For that very reason, buying from companies that pay dignified wages to their employees is vital.

I hope this quick expose’ into Joining the Fight 101 was helpful. In a situation like we are in, the little things add up to make a huge difference. Don’t discount yourself from the fight b/c you are not sure where to start. To quote Jill Morris, ‘Do whatever you do in the direction of freedom.’

I am proud to be in this fight with each and everyone of you; onward for freedom!

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