She appears in the doorway and greets me. I am on a skype call with our India team and she has arrived early to begin opening up rooms and setting things up for our little freedom operation. She has come in to “greet” everyone and they include me in the morning “hello.”

Her smile is a mile wide as we remember our time together two years ago. She asks when I am coming back. They all answer quickly for me: Fall. Her smile gets bigger, if that is even possible. She says:

“Yes. you are my family.”

and the conversation shifts.

This freed woman, in Sonnagacchi, largest red light district in Calcutta, India, whom I really can’t communicate with…IS my family. She is my sister in Christ and sister in freedom. Our hearts beat for the same things: freedom for our families, freedom for the women around us, and freedom for her community.

I smile back at her with eyes misted through and say “yes, you ARE my family. I will see you soon.” And I have our team add “please tell her I will sleep with a smile on my face tonight, thinking of her.” She laughs and shoos her hand in embarrassment that anyone would think so much of her.

But I do.

These women are amazing. They are broken in ways I pray I never know personally. They have persevered. Endured. And are FREE.

I think about the Easter story and how we are telling the world Truth this week in how He rose. He rose for my friend who smiles in the doorway at me. He rose for the children whose laughs and giggles will fill the halls of Freeset today, as I write this tonight.

And He rose for YOU.

I pray you are able to go to sleep with a smile on your face.

YOU are my family.

And I am honored to journey with you.

2 thoughts on ““You are my family.”

  1. Ashley Hill,

    I love the last picture of you. It is what pops up on my phone when you call 🙂

  2. Comment author Kristi,

    How fun!
    I came across the boy you rocked to sleep at Mother Theresa’s, while looking at pictures. The Lord has used that trip in mighty ways :).

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