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Freeset approximates that the cost to train and release a woman for freedom is $475. This cost helps provide training to sew, reading and writing skills, immediate medical treatment, and daycare for her children.

The $475 USD dollar amount can seem overwhelming. What if training for freedom was more manageable? Perhaps in $5 or $10 amounts?

Freeset has partnered with FORGO to help free women from the sex trade by joining up with regular people, like you and me. We can “forgo” a latte, lunch, etc. and donate that money for freedom.

​Here is the premise: We all make dozens of choices every single day about the way we live. ​What if we used the power of those choices to impact how we give? What if we were walking ​through Target and decided to walk past (FORGO!) that Starbucks that we get a coffee from ​every single time? Could we turn that $4 cup of coffee that we had already budgeted for and ​turn it into a catalyst for social change? Yes! And what if it was as easy as pulling out your phone ​RIGHT THEN and having an app that would send that $4 to a project that was making a ​difference in the lives of people all over the world. And what if everyone decided that they could ​forgo that cup of coffee and send the $4 to someone who needed it? Could we not harness that ​and work together to move mountains? YES, WE CAN!

When we can’t always sit down and budget the funds we wish we could give away, FORGO makes it possible to give small amounts at a time from money we would already be spending. FORGO is a lifestyle and anyone globally can donate!

From your mobile phone go to:



Join us in forgoing a movie, magazine, etc. for freedom!

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